4 Things You Should Know When Changing Careers In Your 40s or over


4 things about career change after 40


  1. Understand your skill set

Ask yourself, what are you good at and what do you want to do? This might be a difficult question at first because there are several skills that you possess but that you might not be aware of. Doing a skills inventory will help you determine and set out your key skills. You can then use this to help decide which of your skills will be of value in your chosen career path



  1. Understanding your strengths

We all have strengths, even if we don’t think we do. Are you a good organiser? Perhaps you’re someone who is calm under pressure and can reason with others when they feel under pressure. Knowing what your strengths are positions you well when it comes to selling your services either to a perspective employer or to a potential client.   If you are having difficulty defining your strengths, there are several online tools  that you can use to help guide you.


  1. Experience Is king

Use your experience to shine when starting a new career.

. This is a key reason many people, especially those over 40 don’t change careers. We often believe that we must learn a new set of skills  and start from scratch, which understandably can be quite daunting.  What is often forgotten is that you have built a wealth of experience which can carry with you from one career path to the next. The key is to be clear on what you want to do and see how that translates across into a future career.


  1. How to Use Your Network

We all have several people whom we have met during our working lives who may be able to give you a helping hand when the time comes to looking for a new career. Often we don’t approach such people because we feel uncomfortable or unsure of what to say. The truth is most people are happy to help and support others where they can. The best way to go about approaching someone in these circumstances is to start by asking for an informational interview.

An informational interview is where you approach a contact in your network to ask for information. If you are seeking to change career direction, this is one of the most non-intrusive ways of finding out about your chosen career path; the good, the bad and the ugly. People are very likely to share information in a setting where they don’t feel your request is beyond their reach. If  as a result of the conversation the person mentions a role or a position you can apply for within their company, consider it a bonus but don’t approach them with the expectation that your conversation will immediately lead to a job role.



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