Why Most People Over 40 Stay in a Job They Hate and How to Break The Cycle

Why People Over 40 stay in jobs they hate

Recent research shows that the average age at which most of us lose our passion for our job is 42. Yet, for many, the option of retirement is not one to be contemplated due to a whole raft of commitments from caring responsibilities, mortgages to the need to save for retirement.

Despite these reasons, compelling though they might be they are not reason enough to stay in a job that no longer fulfils you.

This is why it’s not working

This approach might work for a while but not for long, the reason being when you are disengaged it might start to show up in your work. Its very hard to continuously fake enthusiasm for something you have no interest in. Sooner or later you will get found out  Your employer will start to notice that they are not getting the best out of you and want to know why. This in turn puts you under pressure to improve your performance, which might not be possible and before you know it, you have lost your job.

 Many of us opt for the security of knowing we have a job. Its better than not having one right? The challenge this presents is that if you are made redundant, you are then under pressure to find another job.  Looking for a new job when you are under pressure is the worst time to be out there on the job hunt. You may find that you are forced into taking the first job that comes along which could be even worse that your last one. Before you know it, you are back in this cycle of being in yet another job you hate.

Another reason to find a job your love is the impact of working in a job you hate can have on your personal live. When we are stressed it can affect our health, our happiness, personal relationships and a whole lot more.

So how do you break the circle?

Make time to build your escape plan. We all know its difficult to find time to search for a new job when you are working full time as well as dealing with other responsibilities outside of work. Even spending as little as 10 minutes a day on your career can make a difference. Find time to build on this one step at a time.

  • Understand your strengths and what you bring to the table
  • Know what transferrable skills you have
  • Build a personal brand statement
  • Go out and network with people who can make a difference to your career

Take action today!  it makes a difference  – Write down the top 5 strengths have and that you would like to use in any future job.


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