Case Study 1

Mary is a 44 year old woman who is looking to make a career change. She had been in the staffing industry for 15 years and had a successful career. While Mary is been good at what she does, she is frustrated with the lack of movement in her career. She had changed companies 3 times and received a top management position each time. She has been at her most recent company for 8 years. Her job comes with a lot of stress and a lot of extra hours on call. Her time with her family has suffered. Mary is looking to make a career change, but wasn’t really sure if she wanted to stay in the staffing industry or move to a different industry altogether.

We put together a career plan focusing on Mary’s key strengths. As someone who is in her mid-career, Mary brings a lot of experience to the table. Her needs are around work life balance also needed to be factored in the right outcome for her.

Discussing Mary’s strengths and using our online skill assessment tools allowed us to hone in on her particular areas of interest. We revised her CV template so that it could be adapted for her job search. We decided to use online job boards as this enabled us to target jobs in specific locations. We also developed her interview skills using the STAR method to build Mary’s confidence and interview knowledge and skills. Mary was able to move sectors from staffing to heading up a recruitment function for a financial services company.

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