Top Recruiters For People In Their Forties Or Over In 2018

Top Recruiters for People over 40

Its the start of the new year and  for many of us our thoughts turn to a career change. However, one of the biggest concerns many people over forty  are fearful of facing recruiters who are younger than them and who  they may perceive to therefore not fully understand the challenges that people of this age group face when it comes to job search.

There are however organisations out there that specialise in supporting and finding job opportunities for people over 40.  Below is a list of recruiters, including job boards that  can act as a useful resource.


Forty plus people

Forty Plus People is an Oxfordshire based recruitment consultancy serving candidates and clients in the Bicester and wider Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northampton and Warwickshire area. They specialise in talent search and selection of people in their forties and over.
Forties people

Forties people is a London Based Recruitment firm providing search and selection to people over forty. The company name and assists were acquired by Peter Knight Recruitment Ltd, part of Peter Knight Group.


Prime Candidate

Prime Candidate is a Social Enterprise organisation

Prime Candidate is a Social Enterprise organisation accredited with the ‘Campions’ mark, aiming to eliminate inequality in the employment marker for mature workers. They work primarily with job seekers in their 50s and over.


Diversity Jobs

Diversity Jobs is an online job board. Part of their company philosophy is to work with companies who promote and encourage diversity as part of their talent management strategy.


Skilled People

Skilled People is a social enterprise search and selection organisation with a key focus of targeting candidates in their 50s and over. This is further reinforced by the fact that all their directors are in their 50s.

US Websites and recruitment agencies for the over 40s

Experience Works! — a nationwide staffing service dedicated to providing temporary and permanent employment opportunities to older individuals, dislocated workers, welfare participants, and other adults seeking employment and needed income.

Operation A.B.L.E. of Greater Boston 

Employment services for workers aged 45+ who need job support services to re-enter the workforce provides job training and employment services to mature workers age 45 and older in Massachusetts, as well as career fair information and the beginnings of a job board for older workers. Some services no cost; some fee-based to job-seekers.

SecondAct Since 1982, Operation A.B.L.E. has provided training programs and

A site tailored to the needs and interests of readers above age 40, with a mission to provide the inspiration, information, and hands-on know-how you’ll need to get the most out of life in the years leading up to and following retirement. Special section for finding your second-act career and/or opportunities for making a difference in the world. No cost to job-seekers.

Senior Job Bank

A job site for job-seekers aged 50+ where you can search for full-time, part-time, temporary, and volunteer jobs (by job category, industry, location), as well as post multiple resumes and register for a job-search agent. Free to job-seekers

FortyPlus — Career and job-hunting organization (mostly in California, but spreading to a number of other states) for individuals at least 40 years old, with managerial or professional experience, and who annual earnings exceeding $40,000.

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