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executive Career coaching

Spend time doing work that you love

Career Coaching is often seen a the preserve of those new to the workplace. It is only in recent years that an increasing number of professionals are seeing the benefits of hiring a career coach. For professionals who feel stuck or just confused about what their next career move should be, a coach can be an invaluable resource.

This is especially true the older we get as we often find it harder to make decisions over career change.

Hiring an experienced coach like me can help you get clear on your options and build your confidence so you can start taking positive, proactive steps towards your ideal career.
Below are some of  the ways in which I can help you take your career forward

Change the way you process, think, and react to each and every situation or task you come across.

Working with an executive career coach will help you feel more confident about your career choices

Team Leadership Coaching

Career Mapping Workshops


Participants will learn:
—  Why it is important take ownership for          developing your career
—   How to prepare for Career       
      Development  conversations with your          manager and others
—   How to build a strategic network around you to help develop your career journey 

Most of us want to feel that we are enjoying our job and that are making progress in our career.

This is something most people want in their working life. And that’s what organisations want for their staff. But how can you develop clarity around your ambitions and then make
 sure your organisation knows what they are?

The Career Mapping Workshop will help you answer those questions and give you the tools to prepare for a career conversation with your manager 

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private executive coaching

1:1 or GROUP coaching to help you create a master plan and become a leader

Career Transition Coaching

Take your career search to a new level. Designed for individuals in career transition who desire to discover their Authentic Vocation ™ For some, this will be a new job in a new sector, for others it may be a move towards becoming an entrepreneur or the creation of a portfolio career

Whatever your ultimate goal might be, achieve career self-management by partnering with me over an extended period. This package is designed for those seeking to reinvent their careers and/or gain clarity about their current and future career direction

This program  can be run as a group 2 day program or an individual 1:1 coaching program which takes place over a 3 month duration and includes 12, One hour personalised coaching sessions.

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What it entails:

— Group or individual coaching sessions can take place as in person workshops or via Zoom.
I also offer one to one course of 6 coaching sessions over a minimum of 3 months. 

Team Leadership Coaching

Confident Career Conversations Workshop For Managers


—  The Role of Career Conversations in             Talent Management·
_   What makes a Career Conversation 
_   How to deal with some of the
     challenges managers might face as              part of their Career Conversation 

The confident Career Conversations Workshop is aimed at supporting managers to improve engagement and performance of their employees as well as help in retaining and developing the next generation of leaders who will take your organisation into the future.

The workshop is designed to also help managers develop the practical tools needed to ensure their teams take ownership for developing their careers. 

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private executive coaching

1:1 coaching to help you create a master plan and become a leader

3 Hour Interview Coaching Session

3 One hour coaching sessions via Zoom or Skype which include coaching and confidence building sessions. Now that you’ve effectively developed and marketed the value you have to offer an organisation, you’ve been called in for an interview. So many job seekers spend the majority of their time focusing on securing the interview they forget the importance of preparing for each and every interview attended. I work with you to help you prepare for the interview from what to wear to how to answer some of those common and even those less common interview questions. We also spend time reviewing your CV or supporting statement as well as take a brief overview of your LinkedIn profile to help ensure it is positioning you as the expert you know you are.

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What it entails:

— We also spend time reviewing your CV or supporting statement as well as take a brief overview of your LinkedIn profile to help ensure it is positioning you as the expert you know you are.


6 Steps To Breaking The Glass Ceiling

What it entails:

—  Your Obstacles: Identifying Potential Barriers to your career progression and Strategising a Way Around Them
_ How To Present Yourself with Confidence  Without being Labeled as 'aggressive.
_ Your Personal Brand, Online and Offline
_ Deliberately Designing Your Ideal Career.
_ Tapping Into Your Network – and Using It Effectively
_ Interview coaching and preparation

You've got Sunday night blues every day of the week.

You've been considering a career change for months (or even years!) You've applied for job after job, got as far as being interviewed, so you know you have something to offer but then got pipped to the post. Or perhaps you are struggling to get your voice heard as a minority at the executive table. Sound familiar?

My six week - 6 Steps To Breaking The Glass Ceiling Program is aimed at ambitious professional women who are ready to make their next career move and who are fed up with falling at the last hurdle.

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LinkedIn Profile Set Up

 I will help you:

—  Ensure your overall profile  is fully set up 
—  Make best use of keywords
—  Develop the tools needed to connect with key influencers
— Be more confident in using LinkedIn as part of your career development strategy

We will use our time together to review your LinkedIn profile to make sure you are set up to attract the right  recruiters to you as part of your job search strategy.

At the end of our session you will have all the tools you need to create an all star LinkedIn profile to help cut your job search time in half the time 

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Will a coach definitely be able to help me change careers?

Frequently Asked Q's

No coach can guarantee that you will achieve what you're aiming for. You have to put in the effort and eventually be prepared to make some big decisions. As a coach I cannot tell you what to do. However, if you commit fully to the coaching process, I can help to pull out the answers that are within you, unlocking your potential and helping you to gain the clarity and confidence necessary to make big changes in your life


What are your qualifications?

 I have worked hard to gain recognised qualifications in life, executive and career coaching with training programmes that are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).  I have worked with many individual coaching clients over the past 3 years and run my Group Coaching course CAREER REINVENTION PLAN two times a year. I am well equipped to support those who are feeling stuck in a career rut and want to make a shift.
into a new industry or career and lifestyle but don't know really know what it is they want to do.


What can I expect from working with you?

My aim is to support my clients in raising their awareness, creating clarity and confidence to reach their full potential. For those who would like to change careers, my 12 week career reinvention coaching programme is a tried and tested method specifically designed to help you achieve clarity on your ideal career and help you build the confidence to take action to make it a reality.