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7 Simple Steps For Landing a Job Through LinkedIn


Are you on LinkedIn?

Many job seekers already regard LinkedIn as their most valuable social media platform and new features are being added all the time, Staying up to date with LinkedIn can help you land your next position

The following 7 steps will help you  take your LinkedIn job search to the next level.

Get ready to polish up your profile and reach out to more people!

Write a compelling summary

Capture the interest of your reader with a summary that tells an engaging story and describes your unique value. Keep it brief. In any event, you are unable to exceed 2000 characters so make sure you plan and think about what you will say in this section to make it as compelling as possible.

Showcase your accomplishments. 

Use the experience section to highlight your achievements. List qualifications and membership to any relevant bodies. It might sometimes be helpful to also have short courses you have attended listed here. However no more than one or two course here should be sufficient.

Optimize your photo. 

Include a professional-looking photograph that conveys your personality. It’s okay to wear a hat on Twitter, but here you want potential employers to be able to see your face.

Customize your URL.

Visit the LinkedIn help section for instructions on customizing your public profile URL. Having a customized URL LinkedIn profile is a great way for search engines, and therefore recruiters to find you.

Make use of keywords to help your profile stand out. 

Adding keywords to your profile is the most powerful and simplest way to get your profile found by recruiters on LinkedIn. Think about the job titles that are most relevant to your profession, for example, keywords like Marketing Manager, IT Systems Analyst, or Director of Building Control. Find the one that works for you and add it to your summary.

Make sure everything ties together.

These days, it’s common to change positions and even careers frequently. Give your profile a once over to ensure that it has a cohesive theme. Check that the details are consistent across different sections.

Remain current.

Be sure todd significant new developments to your profile. Examine your language to remove terms that are becoming overused and add the latest industry buzzwords. Do some research within your chosen sector to get an understanding of what is topical in your sector

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