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Should You Hire a Professional CV Writer?

CV Writing

Are you in the process of searching for a new job?  If you are, you will most likely come across numerous job listings with positions you may want to consider applying for.  When applying for a job, may be required to submit a copy of your Curriculum Vitae or CV as it is commonly known. When it comes to submitting a CV for a job, it’s important that your CV is written in a professional manner.

This might seem obvious, but it is not uncommon for CVs to be presented with several punctuation, grammar and spelling errors which does not portray the sender in a professional light.  A professional CV is one that will increase your chances of getting the job of your dreams. 

What is meant by a professional CV writer?

When it comes to submitting a professional CV, there are many job seekers who wonder if they should hire the services of a professional CV writer.   A professional CV writer is often a freelance writer, who specializes in writing professional CVs.  Many professional CV writers have a degree or years of experience of creating professional CVs.  The decision as to whether or not you want to hire the services of a professional CV writer is yours to make, but there are benefits to doing so.

Benefits of hiring a professional CV writer

As previously mentioned, many professional CV writers have training and experience.  Not all, but many freelance writers have a degree or at least some schooling that is either related to human resource management or English.  You may also find some professional CV writers who have some freelance writing experience, and have also worked as hiring managers.  These types of professionals can not only write professional CVs, but they also often know what hiring employers look for in a CV.

Another benefit of hiring a professional CV writer is that it greatly reduces the amount of time and effort on your part needed to get your CV job ready. You will of course, need to be in communication with your hired CV writer, as they need to gather information on your work history and education.  Once they have obtained the required information you will simply need to review your CV prior to submitting in onto the hiring employer.  If you are inexperienced in writing CVs; it could take you days or even weeks to get your CV ready by which time the role in question may no longer be available.  In fact, there are many who never get their CVs “exactly,” how they want them, so end up sending in an untargeted and unfocussed CV which greatly reduces their chances of getting through to interview.  When doing business with a professional CV writer, you should expect a highly professional and polished CV that increases your chances of getting invited for interview.

Are there any disadvantages to hiring a professional CV Writer?

The only downside to hiring the services of a professional CV writer is the cost.  However, it is important to remember that there are several professional CV writers to choose from. This means that you should be able to find a number of professional CV writers, many of whom offer modest rates. 

In deciding whether or not a CV writer is worth the cost, remember that there is often a lot of competition. When applying for a job, it is highly unlikely you will be the only applicant.  Many jobs, especially those advertised online, receive hundreds and sometimes even thousands of applicants.  Out of all of these applicants, many do not use the services of a professional CV writer.  In fact, many applicants submit CVs that have never even been proofread.  Hiring the services of a professional CV writer will give your CV a professional look and feel; a look and feel that most hiring employers want to see.

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