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I'm Yvonne Akinmodun, executive Career coach 

I help corporate leaders succeed in their career goals.

I'm Yvonne and I'm here to tell you that you don't have to feel stuck any more. Working with me you’ll learn EXACTLY how to land the career of your dreams. No more struggling to muster up the energy for yet another Monday. Are you ready to make a positive change today?
Let me take a moment to tell you about myself, and why I'm qualified to help you get unstuck.

My journey into a career transition started following redundancy. It gave
me an opportunity to take a step back and consider what I really wanted from my life. Like most people in my situation, I knew I didn't
 want to continue in another senior high pressure HR role. I was tired of office politics and the constant uncertainly that comes with never ending 'change' programs. I also knew I couldn't just give up the day job without having a career plan in place that provided an income to support my lifestyle. 

Today, I help others do the same by helping them find their dream career 

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What clients are saying

"I contacted Yvonne a couple of months ago as I really needed some career guidance to make the most of my existing role and to consider other possible opportunities in the light of the ongoing uncertainty around local government engineering roles. Yvonne and I discussed what I really wanted from my career and this has given me so much more confidence in my achievements and abilities which has enhanced my current role. She helped redraft my supporting statement and gave pointers for my CV, she has educated me on what opportunities are on offer. Not only is she outstanding good at getting to the heart of issues she is clearly extremely skilled at her job. I would highly recommend Yvonne weather you are looking for a new role or want to enhance your currently one. Worth every penny ."


" Yvonne has supported me to achieve my career goals in turnaround that’s quicker than I expected.

Working with Yvonne has been an eye opener and life changing. I would highly recommend her coaching services. This has significantly contributed to my career progression in successfully securing a new leadership role.  ."


"Yvonne was recommended as a coach, as I continue to navigate through my career. This was a really positive experience and Yvonne taught me tools and techniques to continue to progress. She has a friendly, professional and organised approach.

The results of her coaching saw me gain a promotion and support my strategic development.

Thank you, Yvonne ."